These Are 10 Best Dogs to Survive an Apocalypse

While in times of apocalypse you’re preparing all the food and water you might need for an undetermined amount of time you’ve probably forgotten something important the phrase man’s best friend is not simply an empty platitude dogs have been recognized as one of the first domestic animals and actually domesticated themselves to us as such they’re often exceptional additions to survival scenarios no matter how much we prepare there will always be certain tasks that as humans we’re not the best for our senses are relatively weak in the natural world and even the most physically fit or evolutionarily designed for endurance over bursts for that here are the 10 best dog breeds that can help you to survive in apocalypse, So let’s get started


10. Collie

the first dog breed on our list for survival is potentially the best for this specific scenario while most collies are far too specialized in their breeding to truly be appropriate as survival dogs the Scotch collie is unique that it was bred specifically to accomplish as many tasks as a family living in the wilds might require hailing from the Highlands of Scotland this breed is a triple threat hunter herder and garter in fact the only thing this dog cannot do is bear a load


9. Pitbull

the American Pitbull Terrier are perfectly designed for working not to mention they’re versatile and can adapt to almost every form of work available for working dogs today these are dogs that have a bad rap especially since they really are such friendly animals however give them the end of the world and watch them adapt to what is not required of them in the world these are dogs that are often very self-sufficient since so many of them end up without families and homes of their own they end up living on the streets caring for themselves and using their considerable intelligence to figure out how to make it through life without people to care for them Pitbulls are also very strong and loyal that will protect you at all costs


8. Labrador Retriever

labs are friendly and they’re quite lovely they have such a good reputation that many people think they’re weak or even cowardly but labs are brave large energetic animals these dogs have a very high level of intelligence and regret physically demanding jobs and they have the high energy that goes along with being a working breed these are best-hunting dogs and will do anything they can to protect their own family when the world ends


7. Caucasian shepherd


The Caucasian shepherd dog is one of the oldest most ancient philosophies and the origin of these gigantic protective dogs is a bit of a mystery they hail from the Caucasus mountain region and have been around for more than 2,000 years if the world were to become very cold and desolate we think that this is a breed that would do a great job of hanging out and making it to the end these are dogs that really do have what it takes to survive they’re large enough that predators might not want to mess with them and they’re smart enough that they can care for you and themselves without letting anyone or anything else get in their way and mess with them in the least


6. German Shepherd

the breed was standardized in Germany in the mid-1800s where they were working as sheepherders and protecting them from predators these are dogs that are highly intelligent very adaptable and very quick learners this is important because it makes training them a lot easier than other breeds in this list and will also make commanding the german shepherd in high tension scenarios more effective they’re also noted for their good health and could work suitably both hot or cold weather climates


5. Cane Corso

the Corso is one of many mastiff-type dogs this one was developed in Italy and was bred to hunt game guard property and be an all-around farmhand the Corso’s history describes them as having a vigorous temperament ready to meet any challenge that type of temperament is perfect for survival they’re working dogs hunters and they’ll be very helpful and self-sufficient these dogs are strong and agile and that makes it difficult to believe that anyone will do anything that causes them to lose their position in the world


4. Malinois

this breed could easily be interchanged with the German Shepherd dog and many may prefer that breeds to this one the German Shepherd is definitely larger than the Malinois but Malinois will also serve for survival Malinois dogs are very intelligent and alert they also have very strong hurting and protection instincts the Belgian Malinois started its military career during World War one when they served as messengers and assistants to the Red Cross according to some accounts they also pulled ambulance carts and carts carrying firearms they are versatile dogs


3. Alaskan Malamutes

much like a German Shepherd could arguably sub for the Malinois the Siberian Husky could potentially do the same for the Malamute however the Malamute has a few qualities that make it more suited for a survival scenario mailing it was originally ready to serve as an all-around work dog while their ability to pull a sled is fairly well known they can also carry their own packs and our farmer willing to do so then the Husky white another benefit of the Malamute is that they were bred to engage with Arctic wildlife


2. Rottweiler

In terms of overall utility few dogs can take the place of the Rottweiler while most people are already well aware of this breeds fearsome reputation as a guard dog many may not actually be aware of its historic roots and the versatility that it provides as a survival dog having been used as a working dog since the Roman Empire Rottweiler are both incredibly Hardy as well as intelligent while this obviously makes them well-suited for protection purposes it also makes them apt with bearing weights this fat can pay off dividends when bugging out as the white whale will be able to carry its own gear however Rottweilers are still more than capable of being trained to pull a cart like its forebears once did


1. Rhodesian Ridgeback


the Rhodesian Ridgeback is arguably as versatile as the Rottweiler though it does not have the same imposing frame however this breed lends itself to far more than guarding though in this regard it is a superb animal this is in large part because shortly after being employed as a lion hunter the Rhodesian Ridgeback was cross-trained to also protect the herds of South African Ranchers as such this prey is one of the few that can pretty much do everything moreover its medium size does not at all affect its courage as the Rhodesian Ridgeback is noted for being one of the most fearless breeds available

so these were ten of the best dog breeds that can help you to survive in apocalypse which to Aubree do you want to have by your side in times of apocalypse let us know in the comments and if you like this article please Subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to know when a new article arrives thanks for your time and we’ll see you next time


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