These Are 10 Happiest Dog Breeds

Who doesn’t love happy dog we know when they are happy because their body language and voices tell us so they have different barks for different reasons and they use their barks in an intelligent way one of the best signals is when their bodies wag all over and they laugh special dog barks when they play with us in this article we have listed ten of the happiest dog breeds, let’s get started


10. Labrador Retriever

listed as the most popular dog in America the lab always seems to have a smile the breed is known for its friendliness outgoing nature and welcoming expression labs enjoy playing with children and their owners they are in high demand for their hunting talents when employed as narcotic detectors working with law enforcement officials they also are excellent Guide Dog as they are very loyal


9. Bichon Frise

these cute little furballs of fluff look much like cotton balls on legs they are curious cheerful and quite charismatic at one time they were owned by French royalty and regularly pampered this makes them quite tolerant of attention many owners enjoy dressing their Bashan phrases with cute bows and sparkling bling simply because the Bichon curly white coats pair well with so many different colors and styles they are easily trained and enjoy short periods of playtime paired with cuddle time their playful nature and curiosity is evident in their cute but knives which carry an inquisitive look


8. Golden Retriever

golden retrievers love to work and they are very intelligent they’re eager to please their owners and will work side by side as search and rescue experts assistant or guide dogs and hunting companions they are devoted to their family members and their wide mouth grins make them look like they are a little goofy in fact they will do almost anything to receive love from their owners


7. Italian Greyhound

the Italian greyhound is quite small in comparison to other greyhounds he’s very slender and just over 12 inches tall but for all his small size he is one of the most playful and affectionate of all dogs the Italian Greyhounds are alert sensitive and active their combination of small size and coursing hound abilities allows them to do well with families both indoors and outdoors they love to be inside with their owners just as much as they are happy when having a run in the countryside their wide round eyes show their intelligence and readiness for fun activities


6. Beagle

in the United States, the Beagle is one of the most popular dogs the AKC describes the beagle as happy-go-lucky merry and friendly they have a long breed history of living in packs hundreds of years of that and for this reason, they are Naturals when it comes to enjoying company their friendly nature also makes them excellent as family pets they are best known for their hunting skills and are often called to work for the United States Department of Agriculture sniffing out contraband items and food carried across the borders into the United States beagles enjoy barking and are curious and they do respond well to training and need lots of exercises


5. Great Dane

four owners who have this space required for Great Danes to live well these are among the most friendly dependable and patient of all the dog breeds they’re often taller than their owners when they stand on their hind legs immediately recognizable these gentle giants are extremely strong but easygoing though their faces often look as if they are sad the opposite is the case they are as eager to please their owners as some of the smaller breeds they enjoy taking walks several times a day to stretch their long legs and their stride is elegant and smooth


4. Boston Terrier

this highly popular dog has earned the nickname the American gentleman it is known for its sweet and gentle nature and its high intelligence Boston’s are happiest when part of a family that adores them they’re exceedingly loyal and devoted companions these compact little dogs have large round dark eyes and a short muzzle with a black button nose they are famous for being adaptable to many circumstances and for amusing their owners Boston Terriers eagerly work to be friendly and will wait for their owners to play with them favorite activities include chasing balls and flying discs


3. Brussels Griffon

with his human-like expressions and cheerful intelligence, the Brussels Griffon is well known for his affectionate disposition they love to perform tricks when their owners have the time and ability to train them Griff’s are capable of a wide variety of playful movements when trained their loyal breed curious and alert quite spunky they enjoy long walks with their owners every day Griss do best with children and other dogs while under their master’s supervision as they’re curious nature can often get them into trouble they were originally one breed of many which were kept in horse stables because they were excellent at getting rid of rats

2. French Bulldog

this is a playful and affectionate breed with amusing wrinkled faces and ears like bats they are smart and irresistible because they insist on pleasing their owners and being part of activities Frenchie’s do well with brisk walks and they are very good with children they’re cute and cuddly but their nature is to take command of keeping things safe however they also like to spend time warming laps when young they need lots of training to help them follow commands and become social but once grown they are faithful and will guard their homes and sleeping crates with loyalty Outsiders view them as stubborn but their families know that they happily work to please their masters food is their best training motivation and they enjoy the pleasures of life quite readily


1. Collie

Collie is our wonderful companion dogs they are graceful and known for their ability to herd and protect considered to be among the most elegant they have long and beautiful coats which float gracefully when they run they are affectionate and responsive to love and training also devoted and loyal to their owners through their exact origin remains unwritten they are part of the history of the great herding dogs in Scotland and the north of England they have been companions for hurtings people for as long as Great Britain has existed what makes Colley’s wonderful is that they are very intelligent they’re fond of being with children and they do understand the moods of their human ease their intelligence helps them to learn very quickly and very easily

that concludes our article of the ten happiest dog breeds what other breeds do you think should have been on the list let us know in the comments and if you like this article please subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to know when a new article comes out, thanks for your time and we’ll see you next time


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