These Are 10 Most Amazing French Dog Breeds

what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of France fashion French cuisine FC Paris and most likely the Eiffel Tower as dog lovers we think of the many amazing dog breeds from France yes there are that many of them and we have a lot to thank France for, as a matter of fact, Frances had with Great Britain and Germany for producing the highest number of dog breeds in this article we’ve listed ten of the most popular French dog breeds


10. Porcelaine


the Porcelaine is a breed of dog originating from France it’s believed to be the oldest of the French scent hounds it’s alternate name is the Chen de Franche-comté named after a French region bordering Switzerland porcelains are highly adaptable hunting dogs perfect for all types of people not only are they fierce hunters but all shinobi dense and low companion unlike most hunting dogs it’s relatively easy to train a Porcelaine making them great for novice owners


9. French Spaniel


there’s not a lot to dislike with the French spaniel they’re very balanced to breed and make great companions or hunters during the Middle Ages the French spaniel was beloved by royalty though they nearly became extinct during the turn of the 20th century Father Fournier a French priest eventually saved this breed in the 19th-century French spaniels often have a very calm and docile demeanor with a deep love for all animals people dogs or cats win on the field they’re enthusiastic retrievers but can also be affectionate dogs at home


8. Berger Picard


with a name like this you’ve got to be good the oldest of the French sheepdogs the Rosetti car is believed to have arrived in France with the Celts sometime around 800 AD the breed has been depicted for centuries and tapestries engravings and woodcuts but these days he’s a movie star appearing in such flicks as because of winn-dixie Daniel and the super dogs and our be done yet some owners will tell you that the birthday peacock is the best problem solver in the doctor with an independent-minded personality and a stubbornness it’s not hard to believe This


7. Briard

The Briard is an ideal companion for someone who wants a loveable but not overly defended augh often called a heart wrapped infer the Briard makes a great family dog he’s devoted to his owner happy is following you around the house while you do chores or watch me watch television on a rainy day on the field they’re capable and skilled herders often hurting hundreds of sheep the arts possess all the best traits of herding dogs trainable hardworking and intelligent


6. Brittany

zealot they’re playful nature fool you the Brittany is a fierce and tireless retriever on the field in fact they’re one of the best gun dogs France has to offer Brittany’s were bred as gun dogs and they definitely have Birds on the brain although they’re often called Brittany spangles the American Kennel Club dropped the word spaniel through this pointing breeds name the energetic Brittany is a versatile family companion and hunting dog who works more closer to the hunter than other pointing breed Brittany dogs are always bursting with energy but also obedience when necessary


5. Basset hound

though the basset hound is a borderline large median dog adult male can reach up to 65 pounds with long droopy ears and a charming personality the basset hound has received a lot of love from international dog fans they may look a little funny but make no mistake these dogs have a strong core and a powerful stance the stamina and basset hounds means they’re able to tirelessly track down deers and rabbits with their sharp nose the named Basset comes from the French word bass meaning love and basset hounds certainly are low to the ground


4. Great Pyrenees

Although larger in size the great Pyrenees is like a white golden shepherd patient calm and friendly the Great Pyrenees was originally developed in France to guard flocks alongside shepherds these days he usually works with people often in therapy and rescue work this is a dog who loves the sport of carting for those reasons Great Pyrenees dogs are fantastic guardians of the home there aren’t many animals that we want to see this powerful Bear Lake beast charging at them with their deceptively quick sprints


3. Beauceron

expect to be hurt by the stubborn french beauty the Beauceron is truly a favorite among women and families their powerful yet compassionate and sensitive dogs their loyalty makes them outstanding protectors of the home especially with children despite these family-oriented traits the Beauceron dogs were bred to be competent herding dogs with that said these muscular 20-pound dogs need extensive socialization and obedience training


2. Dog de Bordo

This French dog breeds most famous member co-starred with Tom Hanks in the 1989 movie Turner & hooch the dog de Bordeaux or Bordeaux Mastiff is arguably the king of French guard dogs these massive dogs easily tap over 100 pounds with an intense muscular build not only are they affectionate towards the family but they also have great protective instincts when it’s time to protect the courageously jump into action however they’re quite sensitive and sweet dogs in the home


1.French Bulldog

the French Bulldog has enjoyed a long history as a companion dog created an England to be a miniature bulldog he accompanied English lacemakers to France where he acquired his Frenchie moniker besides being a companion he once served as an excellent writer but today his job focuses on being a fabulous family friend and show dog although small they make excellent guard dogs and don’t require much care in other words they’re quite adaptable and perfect for all types of environments and owners


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