These Are 8 Savage African Dog Breeds

Africa is a huge continent with 54 countries covering a landmass of 12 million square miles Africa is also known for unique animals like lions elephants zebras and giraffes but did you know that there are distinct African dog breeds not only reflecting the desires tastes and preferences of their owners they also possess a number of adaptations that help them to thrive in the local climate one thing is certain however African dog breeds are unique and beautiful each in their own wonderful way for that in this article we’ve listed 8 amazing African dog breeds


8. Chinese Crested Dog

we’re gonna start our list with a bit of an enigma the origin of the Chinese Crested dog is not entirely certain but the journal consensus that they’re likely to have originated in Africa they earned the Chinese portion of their name while serving as rat hunters on Chinese cargo ships however researchers have found that the all hairless breeds share the same bit of genetic code that causes the hairless condition this suggests that they all have a similar likely Central American relative who lived about four thousand years ago


7. Rhodesian Ridgeback


this African breed is named in part for an African country although that country is now called Zimbabwe the second part of their name refers to the stripe of fur that adorns their backs Rhodesian Ridgebacks were developed by crossing feral African dogs with great Danes Mastiffs and a few other dogs of European ancestry initially conceived as a bird flushing breed hunters soon learned that they were also adept at hunting larger prey and by larger I mean king of the jungle larger


6. Azawakh


the Azawakh is a bit of a rare breed you won’t encounter very often at the local dog park that’s a shame as these African dogs can actually make very good pets especially for adults who live in relatively warm climates like other site houses including Afghans Salukis and greyhounds aza walks our leggy and lead with long endearing faces and floppy ears they love to run and they’re just as fast as you would expect them to be however Azawakh actually do quite well in apartments they’re quiet and love to cuddle with their peeps making them perfect couch companions


5. Atlas Mountain Dog


also called the Aydi the Atlas mountain dog was originally developed in the Moroccan mountain range of the same name although they are originally a flock guarding breed they have an excellent sense of smell so they’re also used alongside Salukis to hunt the Atlas mountain dogs would sniff out hiding prey which the speedy Salukis would then run down they’re sensitive and affectionate but they’re very protective of their people and territory


4. Coton De Tulear

related to the Bichon Frise and Maltese the Coton de Tulear is a short little dog with a long shaggy white coat the biggest dogs may reach 15 pounds originally from Madagascar this little lapdog is as friendly as he is playful and he loves spending time with his family nevertheless these are excellent dogs for first-time owners and they’re reasonably easy to train despite the fancy look of their coats Coton de Tulear don’t require very much grooming they don’t need very much exercise and they adapt very well to apartment life


3. Sloughi


another sighthound from North Africa the Sloughi is pretty similar to the Greyhound and Azawakh capable of reaching around two feet tall and weighing up to 65 pounds the Sloughi projects in novel and impressive aura blast with long legs and a live bill these dogs were originally bred to run down speedy Brae Sloughi are very loving with their families but they aren’t terribly concerned with making friends during your daily walks Sloughi also have a very active prey Drive


2. Africanis

nice this is an umbrella name for various species of dogs that come from South Africa as in fact the name suggests legend has it that these medium-sized dogs reaching a height of 50 to 60 centimeters and a weight of 25 to 45 kilograms have been around for seven thousand years since the Niel of the herdsman that came from the Middle East rocked them along in Africa is a very slender and muscled breed he’s very quick and supple in his movements becoming fairly quick when it comes to running


1. Boerboel

The Boerboel is a massive Mastiff that originated in South Africa incredibly heavy for their height some stayed only a bit over two feet tall weighing nearly 200 pounds warbles were developed as guard dogs they were quite effective in such roles and they were brave enough and strong enough to defend their families from lions hyenas and other large predators like many other guarding breeds baubles are very loving and affectionate with their families their big slobbery sweethearts who are gentle with and tolerant of children but despite all of these wonderful traits they aren’t particularly warm with strangers when combined with their unthinkable strength and mass these traits make them inappropriate for novice owners

That concludes our article of the 8 amazing African dog breeds which one of these dogs did you like the most let us know in the comments and if you liked this article please Subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to know when a new article comes out thanks for your time and we’ll see you


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