These Things You Should Never Wear When You Travel By Plane

Let’s face it, if you are getting ready to take a flight for a business meeting or going on vacation, you want to be comfortable and look your very best as well. Before going crazy searching through your closet, you want clothes that are practical for racing through the airport, dealing with the luggage you are dragging along with you, and still look great.  Always consider the environment of a flight. Most cabins are pretty cool once you take off so unless you bring a sweater along, you might be miserable from the cold. We have decided to list clothes you should stay away from wearing on your flight at all costs


9. High Heels


If you have flown on a regular basis, you know the last thing you want to wear before or during your flight is high heels!  You know how much pressure is put on your back as well as your heels if you walk around for any length of time. What if your gate changes, you have to run off to the new gate.  Are you really going to attempt to run in high heels? On top of that, you are lugging your suitcase behind you, leave the high heels in your bag for a special event, just don’t wear them beforehand.

This was the most obvious one, the next one might surprise you.


8. A Completely New Outfit

OK, so you have decided to go shopping for a completely new outfit.  While looking in the mirror you think you look great but there are those “new” itches that come with the price tag! Do you really want to spend a 5 to 7-hour flight scratching?  What if you hit turbulence, there goes your new outfit covered in a drink or food! You’d be better off saving it for an occasion when you get to your destination. Wear something older, you can still look at your very best!


7. Dungarees

Dungarees or jumpsuits can be a really big problem when you hit one of those really teeny, weeny lavs on board the plane.  If you have to wait in line, you might just be desperate once you finally get inside and struggle to get out of that jumpsuit or hose dungarees! Wear something that is very simple to get in and out of.

Some of the following might sound like a great idea, but you might want to reconsider:


6. Flip Flops

You might have, what you think, the most comfortable flip flops on the planet but have considered all the negatives when taking a flight? You might want to toss them into your suitcase for use at your designation.  Keep in mind, flip flops are not particularly sturdy footwear. You might want to consider and wear really comfortable tennis shoes or flats. If you are worried that your feet might smell in “real” shoes, bring along a foot spray for your shoes. Bring along a pair of socks, especially for tennis shoes so you don’t suffer from rubbing and irritation to your feet.  Also, if you are traveling for a meeting, flip flops are not going to come across as very professional.


5. Uncomfortable Fabric

There is nothing worse than being in a closed area with clothing that itches. You should run from wearing anything during a flight that will make you super uncomfortable, after all, it’s going to be a long flight! I promise, at some point, you are going curse wearing it.  Instead, grab something that looks and feels great. If it’s cold, bring along a sweater that is soft, will keep you warm, and never miserable to wear.


4. Your Pajamas

I cannot stress this enough, never, ever wear your pajamas on a flight!  Just because you have a 5 AM flight does not mean you should show up at the airport in the Pjs.  Keep in mind, you are going to be seen by other passengers and what they are thinking is probably better left unknown.  Instead, why not wear athletic wear that is very comfortable but will not look really tacky! You will also attract a lot more positive attention when walking down the aisle.


3. Metal Sweaters


So it’s the Christmas holiday and you just can’t wait to wear your beautiful Christmas sweater.  First off, you might want to find out if the sparkles on your sweater are metal. If they are, chances are you will set off the alarms when you go through security. You do not need the added stress when you are sent back through the metal detector over and over. Put it in your suitcase and wear it at your destination.


2. Offensive Clothes


It might not occur to you that your clothing is coming across as offensive to other passengers.  Whether it’s your political views or something you think is funny but no one else does. On top of that, you could get kicked off the flight as most airlines have a certain dress code, so check with them before getting too crazy.  Again, put it in your suitcase.


1. Wear Only Winter Clothes


Don’t stick to just one layer of clothing, especially during the winter months. It could be really difficult to race through the airport for a new gate if you are clad in heavy, winter clothing.  Have something underneath that is lighter so you can remove your sweater when dashing off.


What To Wear

I always recommend, keep your outfit simple!  Bring along an extra layer if the weather turns cold or the cabin temperature drops. Just because you want to be comfortable does not mean you have to sacrifice fashion. Do a simple matching of colors such as grey, white, black, or beige that you can mix together and create a very fashionable look.  Maybe you have a short waist-length cape that can also serve as a blanket should the temperatures turn cold. If you consider your options, take your time, and create your own fashionable chic!